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Variconis - a product for varicose veins. Effects, opinions and composition

Varicose veins are an insidious disease. At the beginning they do not affect our life. Only after some time we notice that small changes have started to appear on our lower limbs. Yes, this is the first stage of the disease whose common name is varicose veins.

Over time, this disease has an increasing impact not only on our appearance, but also on our mood. First there is pain, which increases especially after standing or sitting for a long time. Over time, the pain and the accompanying fatigue become unbearable, and movement itself is very difficult. Dietary supplements can help treat this condition, being a support for medical (and surgical) methods of fighting varicose veins.

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Varicoris - an (in)average dietary supplement

It is difficult to write a review of a dietary supplement, which already at first glance looks like a preparation of questionable quality. Of course, in the case of this product it is difficult to talk about a professional and beneficial solution. Instead, we get a pile of information of little value, the only purpose of which is probably... to scare the potential customer and thus "force" him to buy the product. So, instead of focusing on basic data about this "supplement", let us try to briefly and fairly factually comment on this otherwise unusual phenomenon.

Are you hiding your legs? You are a bad person...

As soon as you enter the official product page, you are struck by a clear message: anyone (in fact, anyone) who covers their legs is ill with thrombosis, varicose veins and similar conditions. What's more, this data is backed up by even more interesting information, which says that varicose veins grow much faster in summer (!) than in winter. Quoting these "dubious data" at the very top of the website does not speak well either for the creator of this website (the manufacturer of the product) or for the supplement itself.

Graduation of pain or fear?

A horrified internet user, who scrolls down the page a bit, notices a striking infographic showing the "three stages of varicose veins". According to the data provided by the manufacturer of Variconis, the first two stages can still be treated (!) with this supplement, but the third is incurable. The truth is that the removal of varicose veins via dietary supplements is not possible at all. The only alternatives are laser or surgical treatments. The role of the supplement, on the other hand, is to accelerate the process of pharmacological treatment, the aim of which is to stop the progressive changes and bring some relief to the patients.

Variconis - a prescription for life?

The next treat served by the manufacturer of this dietary supplement is to inform the potential customer of the risk of death. And it's not just about the increased likelihood of blood clots, but above all about the possibility of ordinary varicose veins 'evolving' into oesophageal, uterine and pelvic forms. However, each of these conditions has a completely different etymology from classic leg varicose veins, which means that the disease will never evolve into the forms described.

Composition, use and form

When writing a review of a "normal" dietary supplement (and we will give an example of such below), the author focuses on the composition of the preparation, its form, and also - on the action of its individual components and active substances. In case of Variconis this is not possible. Well, except perhaps that:

  • we are dealing with a gel here,
  • The product most likely contains extracts of Rosemary, Tritikum Sativum, Thymus Vulgaris, Aesculus Hippocastenum (whatever that means).

Serious about supplements

Please forgive this original review, but it is difficult to describe otherwise a product that:

  • has no composition, or its composition is rather a conglomeration of strange and theoretically substantive names about which practically nothing is known,
  • there is no specific way of dosage or application (this also applies to the amount probably rubbed in),
  • is incorrectly described and lacks credibility (translation errors, questionable quality of 'experts', etc.),
  • is potentially hazardous to health.

What do we know about Variconis?

After reading the text on the manufacturer's website, is it possible to find out anything concrete about this product? Yes, but still vestigial and unprofessional data.

1. Variconis is a dietary supplement, whose main tasks are to eliminate the causes of varicose veins, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, reduce pain in legs, eliminate swelling, prevent the formation of clots, and... relief from convulsions (!).

2. The dietary supplement Variconis costs 159 GBP. This is a promotional price (50 percent discount), which the customer can use only for 30 minutes after entering the website. After this time, the counter stops and the promotion continues. Of course, it is enough to refresh it so that the counter can work again from the beginning.

Opinions on Variconis

It is difficult to find reliable opinions on this product. There is hardly any forum where users of this dietary supplement could describe their "impressions" of its use. The only opinions about it can be read on the manufacturer's website. In fact, there is only one opinion. According to it, these "venous mounds" were cured just thanks to Variconis. The problem is that the entry quoted by the "author" shows that the incurable - according to the manufacturer of the supplement - form of varicose veins (grade 3) was cured.

Varicorin - an alternative to questionable food supplements


When we enter the website of the dietary supplement Varicorin, we see a professionally made website, in which we can look in vain for entries written in Cyrillic... All the data given here are presented in an orderly manner. Of course, this does not mean that we are dealing with the "only right" supplement - which, by the way, we will check in the article below, but at least there is something to analyse. So let's take a factual approach to this dietary supplement.

How does Varicorin work?

According to the manufacturer, Varicorin is claimed to work in a multifaceted way to help with:

  • removing excess water from the skin (it has a supporting role),
  • Improved well-being - better condition of legs, no feeling of heaviness, etc.
  • promoting circulation and reducing swelling,
  • strengthening the structure of blood vessels.

This action is fully justified. The Varicorin supplement contains ingredients that are often used as support for this type of condition.

What ingredients are responsible for the product's effectiveness?

  • Horse chestnut seed extract, which has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. The important ingredient here is escin, which is a completely natural substance. Interestingly, its percentage in the extract is never less than 20 per cent.
  • Centella Asiatica extract (Centellin), which plays a rejuvenating and purifying role. It slows down free radicals, which is important in particular for preventing severe venous disease, but also for reducing the risk of cancer.
  • Vitamin C - takes part in the production of collagen, in other words, it is responsible for supporting the regenerative processes in the body (in this case in the veins).
  • Hesperidin - is a natural antioxidant and a very effective anti-inflammatory.
  • Witch hazel extract - favourably influences the increase of venous patency by improving the blood flow in veins. This substance acts primarily as a preventive measure, reducing the risk of further venous changes.
  • Grapevine extract - helps to maintain blood pressure at an appropriate level. It is thanks to this ingredient that the dietary supplement Varicorin works perfectly as a support for classical medicine.

Is it worth buying Varicorin?

Varicorin is a dietary supplement available in capsule form. According to the manufacturer, 2 tablets should be taken daily (one in the morning and one in the evening) and - obligatorily - drunk with plenty of water (preferably 300 ml each time).

One pack of Varicorin costs 39 GBP. It is worth using the promotions available at, thanks to which we can receive even 3 packs of the product free of charge. Interestingly, the supplement is subject to a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. If, during the treatment, we decide that the product does not meet our needs, the manufacturer will return all the costs incurred.

So is it worth using? If we are looking for a supplement which is supposed to support the process of varicose veins treatment, Varicorin is the best choice. It has a proven composition. The ingredients it contains are used in the varicose vein treatment process, obviously as auxiliary agents. Of course, if taken in excess, it can also cause side effects (which can also occur if you are allergic to any of the ingredients), although they usually disappear after a few days.

Where to buy a food supplement?

The product can be purchased on the manufacturer's website Additionally, our readers can take advantage of the promotion and purchase the agent even 20% cheaper!


Comparing both dietary supplements, i.e. Variconis and Varicorin, the latter wins unquestionably. Its offer is prepared in a professional manner and is not based on rumours and half-truths.